How are we different?

We use ingredients that are carefully selected using our organic, ethical, pronounceable, and effective ethos. Sustainable, fair trade, local, and non-toxic is how we live and produce. This means that people with sensitivities can use our products. It means no endocrine disruption. And it means that we tread lightly on our planet.

We also are a compassionate and decent company that gives to myriad community causes and pays a living wage. We are converting to a worker-owned cooperative model because we believe in democracy in the workplace and treating those that make the work happen with respect and dignity. Your support supports these ideals and efforts.

Unlike many shops with a "natural living section"- ours was founded by an herbalist. Rather than having hundreds of mediocre offerings, all products here are highly curated and are the cream of the crop. Only the best brands and products are here. We have an herbalist on staff to answer questions and help you find the best formula for you (and they train other employees to do the same- we are dedicated to educating ourselves and the public). And all formulations under the Boline label are formulated by an herbalist and tested before launch.