A Fond Farewell

A note from Lily, staff herbalist:
Boline Apothecary will be closing its doors in 2017. Until we let you know, you can get anything listed on the website and in the shop and it is business as usual. We are unsure of a final date- a court appointed trustee gets to decide that for us. We will let folks know via email, text, and social media when we do.

It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you and serving the community. It has become untenable to meet the monthly demands for operating costs of a brick and mortar while paying a living wage and feeding my family- so the shop has incurred too much debt.

Bird MacGurd, the shop mascot, has a forever home with my family- it was me and my son, Rowan, who discovered her behind the shop two years ago and she has been in our home before. We love her and will care for her like we do our parrots.

If you have come to rely on Lily's herbal formulas, don't fret. There are three of us (Toni, whom you may have met this year at a farmer's market or in the shop; Jim, who works twice a week in the shop and has been attending our classes at ILLIO; and myself) that are exploring a new business model that has no brick and mortar, that is worker owned, and has much lower overhead costs so that we can make a living. Stay tuned as we explore that one- join our email list so you will get the first notification.

I will be starting to see people by appointment who have needs for a holistic practitioner specializing in western herbalism. I will be doing wellness consultations, specializing in people with chronic conditions- making dietary, lifestyle, referral, and supplementation advice for folks, 45 minutes at a time.

We will continue our classes that are scheduled through the end of the year at ILLIO, and then in 2018, new classes will be offered by Lily at Preserve on Calumet- workshops and a new 18 month in person Foundations of Western Herbalism class.

Again, we have all enjoyed serving you.

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