An herbal trip to the Bay Area!

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Lily, staff herbalist, and Justin, longtime staffer, are on a "working vacation" to the SF Bay Area (where Lily moved from). While there, she is scouting new product lines, packaging ideas, and networking with other businesses and herbalists. This post is by Lily.

No herbal journey to the Bay Area would be complete without going to Chinatown- so we went there first. The herb shop I went to was huge and impressive.

This was a mere fraction of the jars. They did not want picture taking, so I was sneaky. There were also tables of bagged items that I ultimately bought quite a stash from.

Part of the mushroom wall...

My stash from Chinatown. So many wonderful hard-to-find items. I had a great time, and the ladies working there helped a lot. I found a couple items I had never seen before and asked what the botanical names were so I can use them in formulations. They looked through all their materia medica books, but I stumped them on two herbs. We finally consulted Google for a translation from the Chinese! Look for a new cough formula and a new blood sugar formula coming soon!

The next day, we went to a newer offering to Bay Area herbalism: Homestead Apothecary. It is in a neighborhood I used to live in, but it was not there when I lived there. It was small but quite charming:

Look at that adorable bulk wall!

Justin gets some locally made flower and gem essences for himself.

And here's my stash from Homestead...

Next, we hit one of the many large used bookstores. 

I have kind of a problem when I find old herbals and practitioner guides that I don't have. My suitcase is getting heavy.

The herb school that trained me has moved since I moved away, and I accidentally stumbled upon it while at a park! What luck!

The next day, we were back in SF to a favorite shop of mine: Scarlet Sage!

Scarlet Sage is always an inspiration to me. They have so much there that I hope to add to Boline one day.

They have a great bulk section...

And so much room for everything else!

My stash from Scarlet Sage. Yup, very heavy luggage on the way home...

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