Essential Oil Safety

There is a lot of misinformation out there on the use of essential oils, often coming from essential oil companies themselves. When getting information about an essential oil and its use, always consult a reliable outside source for information (like trained aromatherapists, aromatherapy schools, or aromatherapy non-profit organizations) not someone trying to sell you their brand of oils.

For example, if you were to go to Aromahead Institute to work on becoming a certified aromatherapist, they would give you textbooks that are not written by MLM companies that mention their trademarked names in the text. It would talk about each botanical, its medicinal property, and how to use it safely.

One of the superstar names in aromatherapy is Robert Tisserand. Credited for inventing the term "aromatherapy" in the 70's, he is still the world's most called upon expert to test the efficacy of and speak to the safety of using essential oils. He wrote a book, Essential Oil Safety, that is the go-to text for all learning about this work.

"Certification": This is a big falsehood for MLM based essential oil companies. Marketing hype to gain consumer's trust.

There is a great site called "Learning about EOs" that debunks some of the myths and has been doing third party independent testing of brands that I like a lot. The graphics on this post come from them.
This is why we dilute, read about which types are safe for each person, and never ingest without supervision from an aromatherapist.

We find ourselves repeating ourselves about safety information, over and over in the shop. So this blog post covers a lot of the common misperceptions about essential oils and how to use them.

There are two ways to safely use essential oils: inhalation and topical application. Both these methods get the constituents in the oil into the bloodstream- which is how aromatherapy works- through the circulatory system.

Inhalation is very effective- so diffusers can passively deliver medicine to an entire room- very helpful in cold and flu season or when everyone's nerves are rattled!

When topically applying essential oils, you MUST dilute. The sales reps that advocate undiluted oils are hoping you do, because you'll use more and need to buy more frequently. But your liver cannot handle that kind of load. It takes hundreds of pounds of plant to make a few ml of oil, and your body would never encounter that much of a particular constituent in real life. When you apply a diluted oil, put it on an area that has blood vessels near the surface- not on the bottoms of your feet!

Not all oils are safe, and there are many unsafe for children. This includes popular blends like "Thieves" and "On Guard". Any reputable company would put safety information in their packaging, but so many do not.

Ingestion is NOT OK. Internal use of ANY essential oil is not a good idea. There are documented cases of esophageal and stomach lining damage, liver damage, and yes- even death. Do not take those capsules, do not put it in your drinking water, and do not cook with them. Unscrupulous companies know this, but want you to use as much as possible, even to the detriment of your health.

We have references in the shop and even dilution charts that you can get copies of, so you can have access to unbiased information. While we are happy to sell you products, we want to sell you products that are healthy for you and will educate you on how to use them properly.

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