New Formulas on the Horizon!

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We are always wanting to carry items that people need and want, and Lily (the staff herbalist) has been hard at work formulating. Here is what will be debuted in April:

1. (Pan Galactic) Sinus Blaster: Ohio is notorious for causing respiratory issues in its citizens. Upper respiratory issues as well as lower. We already have the fabulous Breathe Easy formula for lower respiratory issues. Now we tackle the upper issues- a tincture combination of Bayberry root bark, Yerba Santa, Loquat Leaves, and Echinacea.

2. Cardiovascular Health: a heart and vessel tonic that contributes to steady healthy blood pressure, this tonic for folks with these issues is made of Hawthorn, Motherwort, Arjuna, Aronia berry, and Licorice.

3. Pick Me Up: A clean energy tonic for those seeking increased focus and stamina without the crash of coffee. Contains: Bacopa, Yerba Maté, Ashwaganda, and Tulsi.

4. Triphala Tincture: All the Ayurvedic benefits of this three herb formula in a convenient portable tincture form!

5. Infla Balm: Pain and inflammation got you down in a few places? Our formula starts with an oil infused with Boswellia, Jamaican Dogwood, Cinnamon, and Solomon Seal and then we make a balm with local sustainable beeswax and add essential oils for extra oomph!

6. Chill Pill: a lozenge you suck on for stress relief. Contains: Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, and and Licorice mixed with raw local honey.

We are also experimenting with more body care items- stay tuned for those!

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