Tonic Herbalism- What is it?

As an herbalist, I know that using tonics is the best way to maintain optimum health, yet most people seek a drop-in remedy for when they are not feeling well. They wish to replace their OTC or prescription drug with an herbal substitute. But herbalism works best in conjunction WITH your body, helping it to keep you well and optimizing systems.

So while Boline makes plenty of remedies (things you take for a temporary situation, like a migraine or the flu), we also are trying to assist in your wellness with tonics. Everyone needs different tonics, based on your particular body (set of inheritances) and how it responds to the environment (climate, lifestyle, stressors).

What does Lily, the herbalist take?

Each morning, I get a shot of water and add liquid supplements to it (tinctures, flower essences, etc.) and take liquid or freshly powdered encapsulations with it. These vary based on season and what I am being exposed to.

Right now, it is fall, getting colder. I have some respiratory issues (phlegm build-up, post nasal drip) from allergies and climate changes. So I take Ohio Allergies tincture in the water.

It will soon be dark skies most of the time- from the daylight saving change and the grey skies that accompany winter here in Columbus. So I am taking a liquid vitamin D3 supplement, starting now.

I take flower essences for emotional balance from time to time. (My life can be stressful- what with running a business and raising a kid!) Flower essences are energetic liquids that help with stress, trauma, grief, and other emotional issues.

I also take different plants that I powder and encapsulate myself (or ready-made supplements from companies I trust). I rotate what I take to help different systems of the body on a rotating, ongoing basis. Right now, some days I take Dandelion root, American Ginseng, Eleuthero, Reishi, Turmeric, Spirulina, Fish oil, and Daily Wellbeing from Gaia. My partner takes MyCommunity from Host Defense.

I also cook with herbs to stay well: Thyme, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Onions to keep well in this time of colds and flu. When I make soup, I use one of the Winter Wellness Soup blends which are herbs used in TCM for winter wellness.

If you are unsure where to start with tonic herbalism, let us help you! We will ask a few questions about you and your lifestyle and how you do in fall and winter. Chances are we have just what you need. A great place to start is Fire Cider: it boosts immune function, fights pathogens, and enhances circulation- great for people with cold hands and feet (as well as enhancing our immune functioning!). You just do a shot each day to stay well (or use it as the vase of a salad dressing or shrub!

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