Foundations of Western Herbalism Online

So many people have said that they want to take Lily's 18 month Foundations of Western Herbalism class, but cannot fit it into their schedule. So she has worked long and hard to launch an online version! Interested in herbalism? Becoming an herbalist or owning an apothecary? A holistic practitioner of some sort wanting to add to your healing repertoire? This class is for you!

The curated readings, videos, chats, and discussions online impart a ton of information and wisdom. No need to worry that you are not getting reliable information any longer! If you are local to Columbus, we will be doing optional field trips and in-person work if you desire to tap into that. 

The course is set up on an online forum, so to take it, you should have regular internet access. You will also need to purchase David Hoffman's Medical Herbalism book. You will also need certain supplies and items from time to time: herbs, beeswax, etc. (to make medicines and such). 

You advance at your own pace- once you complete a module, you are granted access to the next level lessons. There is no expiration date for the class, so if you are ambitious and have the time you could complete it sooner than the normal 18 months. If you have lots of other obligations and can only get to lessons once a month, you can take years to complete it if you wish! This is ideal for working adults.

The curriculum:
Theories of healing and the body
Systems of the body
Health conditions and their symptoms
Herbal classification and actions in the body
Cultivation and wildcrafting
Harvesting and processing
Medicine making
Materia medica (learning about individual plants)
and an introduction to other overlapping systems of healing: TCM, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences.

In addition to access to the resources and Lily to answer all your questions and direct and mentor you along this path, you will also have access to field trips, a 10% discount in the shop as long as you are a student, and the ability to advance into an apprenticeship model once you complete the course. 

The class is a non-refundable $800. There are monthly payment plans available. Email Lily for details or Register here.

A Note about Herb Schools
There are plenty of schools out there that promise a "master herbalist certification", but there is only one objective certification that is nationally recognized by everyone: Master herbalist certification from the American Herbalists' Guild. They are focused on standards of education to train clinical herbalists (people who treat patients one-on-one).

They have a list of schools on their website that meet their criteria- all of these schools have clinics attached for you to do internships. If the school is not listed on their website, it does not meet their criteria and has not been certified. There are no AHG accredited schools of herbalism in the state of Ohio.

There are however, several qualified teachers. This class is not focused on teaching you to be a clinical herbalist, but instead prepares you to be a community herbalist, one who feels confident treating friends and family, learning about the amazing human body and plant world and how they support one another, or perhaps going on to a Master's Degree from a healing school that does have a clinic.