Our Columbus Store

Located in the heart of Clintonville, our small cottage is stuffed to the gills with body care, remedies, tonics, and bulk herbs, spices, teas, and tisane blends.
We currently have 400+ items in the bulk section including minerals, clays, salts, and oils.
We have the finest essential oils in the world- we carry Plant Therapy, Oshadhi and Tisserand for plant singles and blends.
We also have ready-to-apply roll ons, including our own line of therapeutic oil blends.
We are the only retail carriers of Crafty by Nature body care and pottery. Their soaps are the best in the city, their lotions are divine, and they make essential diffusers, mugs, and shaving mugs for us, too!
In addition to amazing local soaps, we also carry facial care, hair care, manscaping items, deodorants, and cosmetics!
In addition to herbal remedies (western, Chinese and Ayurvedic), we also have energetic remedies like homeopathy and flower essences (English, North American, and Australian).
Our house-made, herbalist formulated, most popular brand has tinctures, glycerinates, baths, washes, syrups, elixirs, electuaries, oxymels, salves, oils, and much more. We have well over 100 products to assist you.
We are a family-friendly shop. We have a kids area for little ones to play in and color while their parents shop, a changing station and bathroom you are welcome to use, and we are happy to set up a chair for breastfeeding.
Our shop mascot, Bird MacGurd, loves visits from little ones (many families stop by and say hi on their neighborhood walks) and graciously takes your offerings of bugs picked off plants from your garden (she's an insectivore).
Our yard is a lovely place to stop and pass some time. We built a bench for you to relax at the farmer's market, and host marshmallow roasts in our fire pit now and again.

Stop by soon!