Sell To Us!

We are always looking for local items- be they crops, handmade body care or remedies, honey and bee related items or handicrafts. We do have an ethos that your items must meet:

Bee items: We want honey (both retail ready sizes and in bulk for our manufacturing of remedies as well), infused honey, pollen in bulk, comb honey, wax ready for use, propolis in bulk, and beeswax candles (with cotton wicks). We want these items from within 30 miles of the shop, preferably.

Artisinal body care and remedies: There are FDA requirements on labeling that your items should meet. No parabens, no SLS, no petrochemical extracted isolates, no FD & C colors, no "fragrance grade" oils. We prefer recyclable packaging to myriad plastics.

Wild Harvested Plants/Fungi:
We follow guidelines set up by United Plant Savers- contact them if you have a question about a specific plant's status and whether you should harvest or not. Plants that are not endangered and legal to harvest are good with us under the following conditions:
1. You harvested in a clean area (100 feet from a road, unsprayed with herbicides or pesticides).
2. You left some of the plant for the plants survival. When you harvest Chaga, for example- you are taking all the plant unless you deliberately leave some. We only want 10-15% of any area of plant if you are harvesting roots or rhizomes. 
3. You NEVER "ring" a tree. Those inner barks are potent, but taking bark from all the way around a tree will kill it. When harvesting inner barks, do it when pruning a tree and take from branches that needed cut back anyway.
4. We take wild harvested plants from very few people- as most do not understand about sustainability. We need to know you.

We prefer locally grown crops to buying them from national distributors. We want organically grown (whether certified or not) and ethically wildcrafted plants. If you use pesticides or herbicides on your farm, we cannot use your crops, sorry. There may be random plants (aka weeds) growing on your farm that we can use- as long as you harvest them and leave some to grow for future years!

We also let farmers be farmers- by processing the crops ourselves (so that they are in the form we need them). We pay the going wholesale rate on dried, cut and sifted herbs (after we process them and we can use the item). This means that farmers drop off (and give us at least 3 days notice of their intention to come) and then get paid a few weeks/months after drop off, once the herb is retail ready. But it also means that you do not have to set aside space and time to process and dry the herb yourself!

Below is a list of things we can use most of the time. Other items we may be interested in- please email and let us know what you have!

Alfalfa leaves/stems and seed
Angelica root
Anise Seed
Ashwaganda root
Basil leaves
Bay Leaves
Black Cohosh root
Black Haw (inner bark)
Black Walnut hulls
Blessed Thistle  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Blood Root
Blue Cohosh root
Blue Vervain leaves
Boneset leaves
Borage  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Burdock root
Calendula flowers
California Poppy (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Cascara Sagrada
Catnip leaves
Cayenne or other hot peppers fruit
Cedar berries and leaves
Celery Seed
Chamomile flowers
Chaste Tree Berry
Chervil leaves
Chicory Root
Cottonwood buds
Comfrey root and leaf
Coriander Seed
Corn silk
Damiana leaves
Dandelion leaves, root
Devil’s Club
Dill leaves
Echinacea  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering), root
Elder Flower
Elecampane Root
American Ephedra (Mormon Tea)
False Unicorn Root
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Seed
Ginkgo Leaf
Goat’s Rue
Goldenrod  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Goldenseal root
Gotu Kola
Gravel Root
Hawthorn (berries)
Hibiscus (flowers)
Hops (any variety, flowers)
Hydrangea (root)
Jewelweed stalks
Juniper berries
Lavender flowers
Lemon Balm leaves
Lemon Verbena
Linden  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Milk Thistle seed
Mint (any variety), leaves
Mullein  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Mustard Seed
Oat Straw and Oat tops
Oregon Grape root
Osha Root
Partridge berry
Pleurisy Root
Plantain leaves
Poke Root
Red Raspberry leaves
Red Root
Red Clover  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
Rose Hips
Rose Petals
Sage, White
St. John’s Wort
Sassafras root
Saw Palmetto berries
Senna Leaves
Shepherd’s Purse
Slippery Elm inner bark
Solomon’s Seal
Stinging Nettles leaves, root, seeds
Sumac, (Staghorn, fragrant, winged, or smooth)
Trillium (endangered, so we take limited quantities)
Turmeric (yellow) rhizome
Uva ursi
Valerian root
Violet  (leaves & flowers at time of flowering)
White Willow
White Oak
Wild Cherry
Wild Yam Root
Wood Betony
Yellow Dock
Yerba Mansa
Yerba Santa