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Charoite Necklace

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This amazing piece (like all stones found in the Apothecary) is undyed, non-irradiated and extremely rare. This purple stone is only found in one place on earth: Siberia! The necklace has 15 stones (all approximately 2-3 inches long), polished as faceted beads. The stones are alternated with silver spacers from India and there is a strong clasp in the back. It is a stunning piece, unlike any other in the world.

About Charoite

Charoite is a rare silicate mineral with a very complex chemical composition of phosphorus, calcium, and sodium. It's considered to be a relatively new gemstone, as it was not introduced on a commercial level until 1978, despite its actual discovery first being made sometime during the 1940s. Although pure charoite is a distinct mineral, the 'charoite' we know today is technically defined as a rock, much like that of maw-sit-sit and lapis lazuli. However, unlike lapis lazuli and maw-sit-sit, charoite's composition is very nearly pure and may contain only slight traces of microcline feldspar, aergirine or tinaksite.

When it comes to appearance, charoite is one of the most distinct gemstones available. In fact, charoite is often described as being 'unnaturally beautiful', particularly owing to its distinct characteristics. The colors of charoite are unmistakable and can range from lilac to lavender and from light-violet to medium-deep purple. Most charoite gemstones exhibit several violet shades in a very unique pattern, often swirling, streaking or feather-like. The swirling patterns are considered to be a signature trait of charoite and are the result of interlocking complex fibrous crystals.

Metaphysical Ideas about Charoite:

It is rare and complex, used as a dream stone and illuminator. People use it to heal emotional scars. This stone embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras: unconditional love, grounded here on Earth where it is needed most. It is a Stone for This Age, assisting in the here and now…conveying the message that one is exactly where one should be during this moment. It is a talisman of acceptance and letting go; a “bestower of good,” encouraging service to humanity, and for attaining approval of the Self. 

Discovered in the 1940s, Charoite was unknown to the outside world until 1978. Its name is derived from the Chara (or Charo) River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site in the world where it is found. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.” 

Any mention of uses of stones, rocks, minerals, and crystals on this site are for educational purposes, obviously. 

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