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Fairy Stone

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This wonderful stone (also known as harricana or calcite fairy stone) is actually a drip pattern from a stalactite! We think this one looks like a fairy or angel. (See the wings?) This one is approximately 6" across at its widest point.

Metaphysical ideas about Fairy Stones:
These stones embody nurturing energy for the Earth and those upon it.
Fairy stones have a deep practicality, bringing  pragmatic answers to seekers. This can manifest itself as prosperity and other practical benefits for daily life. Fairy stones are used for channeling that is grounded and practical. 

These stones are excellent for meditation, and meditation on the shape and energies of a particular stone can bring its own specific insights. Fairy stones are also used for protection from evil spirits, psychic protection, and protection by staying connected to the Earth's center.

Fairy stones are said to adopt people rather than the other way around. For those they adopt they are said to be "little helpers." Fairy stones are used to bring positivity to the mental and emotional life. They are said to heal trauma and its symptoms and to stop fight or flight syndroms. One of its lessons is to respond positively to situations of all kinds, even when it seems difficult at first glance. It is also used to rid one of maladaptive defense mechanisms to go through and past issues into calm emotional well-being. They are also said to calm or dispel anger and other negative feelings.

Physical ideas about Fairy Stones:

Fairy stones are used in crystal heaing for arthritis pain, dissolve calcifications, sound overall health, lessen inflammation, recovery from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, reduce fever, heal wounds

Any mention of uses of stones, rocks, minerals, and crystals on this site are for educational purposes, obviously.

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