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Green Apatite Sphere 6"

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These is a heavy specimen and weighs almost 2 pounds! We have a limited selection of gorgeous, undyed, non-irradiated stones polished to perfection here at the Apothecary. This sphere comes with a discreet clear plastic ring to display it on and makes a lovely centerpiece.

About Apatite:
Apatite is often mistaken for other minerals and can be found in several colors, but we think the green is pretty stunning. Metaphysically speaking, Green Apatite has several uses: 

Apatite enhances creativity and awakens the finer, inner self. It is a stone of the future and brings knowledge to those attuned to it. It may be used as an interface point between consciousness and matter to translate our humanitarian aspirations into healing, information, communication and teaching. 

Green Apatite encourages good eye-hand coordination in children, and when carried or worn, especially as earrings, makes adults less clumsy. 

A great stone for healers, Green Apatite assists the practitioner by maintaining a positive, clear energy field and a heart-centered focus. 

Green Apatite is reputed to increase psychic and telepathic communications with animals and birds, especially pets and local wildlife. It is also beneficial in animal healing.

Any mention of uses of stones, rocks, minerals, and crystals on this site are for educational purposes, obviously. 

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